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Well guys, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that the time has come to say farewell to Mini Me Wannabe. This blog really means a lot to me because it not only helped me lose weight, but it helped me find my voice. Not to mention, it brought some amazing people into my life. For those reasons, I am sad to say goodbye.

The good news is…I HAVE A NEW BLOG! HA!! I got you good! The Ginger Marie Blog is like Mini Me Wannabe on steroids!! It has everything I love including recipes, travel tips, things to do in Dallas, and much more! I’m still going to keep Mini Me Wannabe up so that we can refer back to it whenever we want, but I am STOKED for you to see The Ginger Marie Blog! So head on over now to see what I’m up to these days! Let me know what you think and be SURE to enter those giveaways!!

See you on the flip side,


A Newbie’s Guide to Comic-Con

For the last few years, I have been seeing pictures on Facebook of people I know going to Comic-Con. I always wanted to go, but I never knew when it would be in town or what to expect when I got there! This year was pretty much the same story. I got on Facebook and saw one of my friend posting picture after picture of her having a fab time at Comic-Con! Of course I liked her pics, and commented telling her how JEALOUS I was that she was there!

Well for once, my stalking paid off. 

To my luck, last Sunday, i received a text from her saying that she couldn’t make it. She was asking if I wanted to take her passes to go! HECK YES! I was so excited. I rounded up one of my friends, Karen, and off we went!

As excited as I was, I had no clue what to expect. Which is why I have created a newbie’s guide to Comic-Con. This way, if you ever decide to venture into the world of the wonderful, you can have an idea what to expect!

1. Make sure your camera and phone are both charged!   This may be obvious, but I was totally unprepared for the amount of photo ops there would be! Between taking pictures, broadcasting on Periscope, and trying to find out who all was going to be there, both my phone and my camera were darn near on “E” by the time I left! To save the battery, I actually wasn’t able to take all the pictures I would have liked, but I was able to snag a few that made me smile. 🙂

2. Bring lots of moulah!! I went to Comic-Con with about 80 bucks thinking that would be enough for whatever they had behind those walls. WRONG! You have to pay to take pictures with celebrities, and that can cost anywhere between $20 and $80! They also have food stands, tons of merch, and even experiences (such as Insidious and Halo) that will cost a bit too!

3. Show up early for popular celeb pics! There were tons of celebrities there that were signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. If you have a famous celeb that you want to take a selfie with, be sure to get there hours in advance! Some of the more popular celebs, such as Stan Lee and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), had lines that formed 4 hours before they were even scheduled to come! On the other side, celebs, like Dean Cain, were there off and on all day, so the wait wasn’t nearly as long.

4. It’s not all about the comics! I was surprised by how many displays there were for people unassociated with comics! There were actors from tv shows, like Dr. Who and Breaking Bad. There were movies and video games, such as Insidious and Halo. There were even tables where people played card games, like Pokemon! It was an all around nerd convention and I was not expecting that! I literally had mini freak-outs when I saw something that I recognized, like characters from Big Hero Six!

5. Its a wonderful, nostalgic experience! It was like Throwback Thursdays on STEROIDS! So many different things that I remember from my childhood! Of course the Super Mario Brothers were there, as well as the original car from Speed Racer! R2D2 was there (both versions) and the original Godzilla from the original movie (he wasn’t as tall as I imagined)! There were women dressed up like Sailor Moon and stations where you could play old school Super Nintendo games!

6. Be ready to discover some new favorites! There were SO many characters, artists, and celebrities that I’d never even heard of! While some of the veterans are probably rolling their eyes at me right now, I was SHOCKED by how much I didn’t recognize when I was at Comic-Con! One artist caught my eye as I was walking by. Her comics are called The Furry Experience and its about two characters that aren’t supposed to fall in love, but they do anyways. As much as they try to stay away from each other, fate keeps bringing them together. It’s pretty awesome!

7. Finally, go with friends, its much more memorable that way! At least that was the case for me going with my wild friend Karen! I couldn’t have imagined being in that place by myself with no one to talk to and laugh with! Plus, she’s even more clueless than me when it came to some of the characters so I didn’t feel as bad not knowing some of the famous characters. One of the coolest moments, though, was when Gus, from Breaking Bad, WAS TOTALLY HITTING ON KAREN! I mean homebody was all about her! She even got a free signature out of it! Plus, going with friends makes it way easier to get pics of you in your favorite moments! I’m glad that this wild child was able to come with me! She definitely made Comic-con THAT much better!

Have you ever been to Comic-Con? What was your favorite part? Do you have any tips for newbies? If you haven’t been, what characters would you be most excited to see? Let me know in the comments below!

Fun fact: We walked over 10,000 steps at Comic-Con!! So I guess, you could say that Comic-Con helps you lose weight! 🙂

Why I Am Obsessed With Youfit Health Clubs

Over the years, I have become notorious for club hopping. While I would love to be talking about the dance-all-night, bar-to-bar, wake up with no memories kind of club hopping, I’m not. What I’m most known for, is switching gyms constantly because the grass always seems to be greener at the one I don’t go to! While some may say I have commitment issues, I think of it more as being experienced. Trying out so many gyms in the past, makes me more aware of the pros and cons new gyms. Because of this, I was super excited when Youfit Health Clubs contacted me to try out their gym!

Before I tell you about my fantastic experience with Youfit, let me tell you their rather impressive back story! It was founded in 2008 by Rick Berks with the philosophy that fitness clubs should be welcoming, not intimidating. Flash forward seven years later, they just opened their 100th location in North Providence, RI in April! How awesome is that? They’re not stopping there! The district manager that I met told me they are trying to open another 100 stores in the next 9 months! That’s a lot of stores in such a short time!

Youfit Health Clubs offer brand-new weight training and cardio equipment, too! They even have 30-minute Express Circuit workouts in case you need a good workout in a short amount of time!

One thing I love about Youfit is that the cardio machines all have TVs right there so that you aren’t stuck watching the news when you really want to see what Kim and Khloe Kardashian are up to! My new favorite machine is this cool Octane Fitness machine! Its almost like an elliptical but your moving in more of a circle with your legs versus a line!

Youfit’s clubs really cater to everyday people who simply want to be fit, their way. While I’ve already mentioned so many of the reasons why I love Youfit, my favorite, by far, is how “green” Youfit is! In case you haven’t noticed, their colors are purple and green, and they picked these colors for a reason! Youfit strives to the be “greenest” gym in America by being dedicated to using recycled materials in its clubs. One of the coolest things that I learned about their green efforts, is that their floors are made of recycled tires or Nike “grind’ (recycled sneakers). Their heating, cooling, water, and power systems are all energy-efficient as well!

I also got the chance to workout with one of the YouCoaches, Matt, over at Youfit! Matt really helped me realize what its going to take for me to reach my goals, and put me through a butt kicking workout to prove it! Whether you’re just getting started or need help getting back on track, the personal trainers are there to help! Not in an intimidating, “I’m going to whip you into shape” way either! I mean don’t get me wrong, they will whip you into shape, but by encouraging you in a positive way rather than pointing out your flaws. I really believe that a YouCoach can help keep you motivated, provide advice to target problem areas and help you reach your goal.

One thing that I haven’t tried out yet, but plan to, are the YouGX classes! My gym offers Zumba, Yoga, Plyo and Turbo Kick classes. Some other gyms even offer cycle classes. While classes are only offered in select locations, you can find out which ones are available in your area here and find out what exactly you’re signing up for (the class formats)​ here.

After reading all about Youfit and looking at the pictures, you’re probably thinking what I was thinking when I first walked in, “This place is going to be expensive.” WRONG! One of the reasons I am so happy to share this with y’all is because their memberships start at only $10/month! That is insane considering the quality of all their equipment AND the fact that they have YouGX classes! I hope that when y’all try it out, you enjoy it as much as I did!

Be sure to follow Youfit on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for inspiration, healthy recipes and workout tips. Also, check out Youniverse, their blog at! You can see some of my fun times at Youfit on Instagram and Twitter too!

Weekend Recap: Healthy Eating is NOT More Expensive!

Can I just spend this whole post talking about how much I loved Pitch Perfect? Probably not, but MAN! It was funny and while I still like the first one the best, I would totally watch it again. Other than getting in my musical(ish) fix, I had a pretty chill weekend. I worked. I played. I ate good food. What else is there to do? I even probed a few people wrong, but we’ll get to that later.

 Like I said, I did have to work this weekend. You know you love your job when you work on a Saturday and still consider it a great weekend! Luckily, I have some of the funniest coworkers out there. One of my favorite nuisances, Karen is always fun. She’s that coworker that you can play mini pranks on and she won’t flip out, she’ll get even. Well, I finally got her to start keeping up my blog and because of that she begged me to put a picture of her on here. Well here you go, Country Bumpk!

(She totally made fun of me for looking like Princess Leia with my afro puffs)

I was also graced by the presence of my work bestie (we all have one), Krystal.

You might remember her from my Earth Day post.


Of course, work doesn’t last forever (thank God), so later that night I went and got some bites with my honey.

We went to one of our favorites, Brick House Tavern + Tap.

For appetizers, we had House Bakes Soft Pretzels and Deviled Eggs.


I love pretzels but I limited myself to one. Keep in mind that it was a BIG one! #NoShame

The deviled eggs are just the best ever. I order them every time I come here. And yes…that IS bacon hanging out of the yolk!

For my meal, I ventured out and tried the Kobe Brick Pizza. It was good but a bit too cheesy for my taste. The beef was phenomenal, but I’m learning that is normal here in Texas. 

Sunday, we went to church and then grabbed some breakfast afterwards. Anthony really wanted to to try out Kozy Kitchen (mainly because he wanted some gluten-free pancakes).


There was a little wait, but boy was it worth it!

(Can you tell how bright it was outside? Plus I forgot my sunnies!)


They had tons of “new-to-me” items on the menu . I ordered The B, which consisted of 1 pancake, 1 french toast, eggs, and maple glazed venison sausage.


The pancakes weren’t my favorite but MAN! The french toast was DANK and so was the venison.

I was in hog heaven!


After breakfast, Anthony had to go work so I went grocery shopping. I only go grocery shopping after I eat because I tend to spend waaaaay less when I’m full. Which brings me to the main reason I am writing this blog post. Now I understand that this is coming right after a picture of french toast drowning in syrup, but the truth still remains.

Myth Busted: Eating Healthy is Totes Affordable ||
Myth Busted: Eating Healthy is Totes Affordable ||

I always hear about people saying that they don’t eat healthy because they can’t afford it. Well I just single-handedly proved that this myth is untrue (go figure).

Take a guess at how much I paid for the food in this picture:


Any guesses?




Well I’ll tell ya. I got allllll of this food

FOR $21.18!! That’s right! For less that you probably spend on a hungover trip to Taco Bell with your friends, I was able to get a whole week’s worth of “healthy food”.

You know what this mean’s, right? It means that from now on when you stop by McDonald’s because it “costs less”, you can be 100% sure that this is simply an excuse. You can’t use this saying as a crutch anymore. If you’re eating all that unhealthy food it is because you want to eat that unhealthy food, not because you have to.

With that information, I have said all I need to say. Am I telling you that eating yummy, greasy food is the worst decision you can make in life and you should never have it EVER again?

Of course not.

All I’m saying is that we should try to eat these foods in moderation. Saying that “healthy food is too expensive” is a cop out. What we’re really saying is I’d rather have the double bacon cheeseburger with a side of cheese fries.

(Man, that sounds good.)

5 Reasons You Should Eat More Sushi

There is nothing in this world that is more rewarding than being able to properly hold a pair of chopsticks! I remember my first time using them, sometime in high school, and I was SO confused. I never thought the day would come that I would perfect the use of the pencil-like utensils. But after much practice, I can proudly call myself a chopstickista.

With that title, I have also grown to love my now favorite food. Sushi. Not only is it delicious, but it makes the perfect cheat meal. There are many reasons why I love sushi, but here are a few reasons why I believe you should EAT MORE SUSHI.

 5 Reasons You Should Eat More Sushi---Because there are more rolls than the California roll.  |
5 Reasons You Should Eat More Sushi—Because there are more rolls than the California roll. |

  1. You can have it made to your liking without seeming like a jerk. There are so many ways to make sushi, you are bound to find a few favorites over the years. When I started eating sushi, I fell in love with the classic California Roll. As my palate has matured, sashimi has taken over my heart. I know that I love avocado in my rolls but hate cream cheese. So when I go to restaurants I look for, and sometimes ask for, rolls that sound more like the explosion of flavors that I admire in a roll!
  2. Sushi makes one heck of a cheat meal. …when you order the right rolls. Of course, if you’re watching your weight, you don’t want to go crazy with the tempuras (fried food) and the sauces. But there are ways to ensure that you have a healthier roll that still tastes amazing. For one, you can get it without rice! Have it wrapped only in the seaweed, or try it wrapped in cucumber! I like the cucumber option because of the crunch! Also, instead of cream cheese, you can opt for avocado!
  3. It takes amazing pictures, and pretty much guarantees extra likes on Instagram. Seriously, my sushi posts on Instagram tend to get tons of likes every time! Just look up #Sushi and watch your mouth water and your thumb do the double tap!
  4. IT CURES CANCER! Okay, not really. That was probably a bad joke. But in all seriousness, Livestrong says in this post that the Omega-3s in certain types of fish can possibly help you avoid the horrible disease.
  5. It’s fun to eat with your bestie. In my opinion, the best way to eat sushi is in groups! Not (only) because you get to spend QT with your homegirls, but because you can try TONS of rolls without spending TONS of moolah! Now how you go about convincing your bff to order that $20 roll that you wanna try but don’t want to pay for is up to you. But regardless of what she orders, make sure that you’re sharing too!

Well those are 5 reasons that I think you should eat more sushi! As a matter of fact, I think you should go get some right after you’re done telling me (in the comments) what your favorite rolls are!

Also, if you liked this post, pin the image above! I would just love that! 🙂

Weekend Recap: Bloggers Have More Fun

You know that relieved feeling you get when you realize you’re getting back into the swing of things? That’s how I feel after the weekend I had! I was running all over the city like I used to in Charlotte. Making friends, working out, eating good food. It was just my kind of weekend!

Saturday morning I had to work, which went as well as work can go on a Saturday. However, I was feeling a little creative at my desk and did make some nifty things. For one, I made my phone nice and girl by tying a ribbon around my phone. I also made a pretty mousepad to add some color to my desk. Slowly but surely I am making this place look more like me.

After work, I went and grabbed dinner and drinks with my new blogger friend, Jacque Amadi (check out her blog here).


We went to a place new to both of us called Public School 214. The service was good and the food was even better!

The menu, which looks like a composition book (clever), is full of fresh ingredients. The also restaurant uses local foods as much as possible.


For appetizers, we ordered the Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower and the Fiery Calamari.

Bother were DELICIOUS

For my entree, I had the Fig and Prosciutto pizza.

Jacque had the House Pepperoni pizza.

Leave it to us to go to this awesome restaurant and order pizza, though I must say it was delicious.

They even had cute little to go bags.


Of course, with it being Saturday night, I had to watch the Mayweather fight.


He is always blinged out. But these were my most memorable moments from the fight:

Tom Brady showed up too much

Jamie Fox ruined the national anthem b/c of church organ music
May weather’s jacket was fire
PDiddy and Mark Walberg were perfect at the introductions
Pacquiao always looks so happy
His shirt says Jesus is the name of the Lord! Awesome!!!!
Jimmy Kimmel walking out with Pacquiao and jumping up and down with him….hilarious
I want both of them to win!! Pacquiao is such a good guy. Mayweather should stay undefeated
Okay, I change my mind. I need Mayweather to win.
Now I must admit, I was nodding off throughout the entire fight. I mean, who stays up til midnight and watches this craziness? I’m no the youngin’ I was last year. I just can’t do these things anymore. *shrugs* Oh well!
Sunday was really good for me too! It started off with an awesome service at my church, Shoreline. We’re going through a series about relationships which is blowing my mind.
After church, I went to Lyfe Kitchen and ordered my go to “fast food”. Quinoa Crunch Bowl with Chicken (and extra hot sauce).
After lunch I piddled around the apartment. Did some painting, and even hung a few (temporary) pictures up in my living room.
…don’t worry, I’m adding much more.
Finally, that night I headed out to my first Circle Seven Five event at The Ride House.
Let me start by saying that I had no clue it was a spin class. It all makes since (with the name) now, but I was truly shocked when I walked in the room! However, it was really fun. The studio is super cool and has all of these Broadway style lights that make you feel like a rockstar. But when I tell you it kicked my BUTT!
I was SO tired that I didn’t talk to anyone afterwards! I didn’t even have the energy to!
And there were a LOT of people there! But at least I wasn’t the only tired one….
And despite my being tired, I was still ready to take a groupie!
You always have to be prepared for those things!
It really was a lot of fun! The Beyonce and the lights really got me! Plus, they gave us some fun goodie bags afterwards. It was like the icing on the cake. (ooooh cake! 🙂 )


But now you see why my weekend was SO fun. This blogger was so pooped this morning that she hardly wanted to get out of bed and go to work! (But my birthday is coming up and this girl wants to hit the casino).

It was a blast, and I can’t wait until my next events!

Dallas Bloggers Invade Riffraff!!

Oh yeah, that’s right! Last night there was an invasion of bloggers from Dallas Blogger Collective, aka DBC,  at Riffraff! It was a blast, actually, and so much fun finally meeting some of the ladies I’ve stalked on Instagram for the last week!

Just a little background on DBC, its a group of bloggers in Dallas who get to go around town and be awesome! Okay, while that’s true, DBC is more than that. It’s a community of beautiful souls who get to network with each other at all types of fabulous events. I was lucky enough to be chosen to join the team last week.

Now, on to the event!

The (extremely well-dressed) ladies at Riffraff really rolled out the red carpet for us! There was food. There were drinks (mixed with fresh juices by Live Tribal). There was a (hilarious) makeup artist doing touch-ups. One of the bloggers was even doing headshots for us; something that I desperately need for this lovely blog here.

Riffraff’s boutique is just adorable! Here are some pics that I snapped around the store.






Here are the items I purchased!


A Lokai bracelet


A black hoodie with the Dallas skyline

Of course, with us all being bloggers, we had to take some pics with the group! Luckily these ladies snapped some cute pics and shared them with us!

(Clearly I got them off of Instagram! haha:))



As you can see, there were a ton of bubbly personalities in the building! I really am honored to be among so many creative, driven individuals! I had a blast and can’t wait for the next event!

I’m A Katie K Active Ambassador!!

I am SO excited to announce that I’m officially a Katie K Active ambassador!

If you aren’t familiar with Katie K Active, they have clothing for people from people with tiny frames to curvy girls like me! You know how a lot of plus sized brands have clothes that aren’t very fashionable? Well Katie K active does NOT fall under that category! They’re so cute, I wear them even as regular fashions!

…But I mostly wear them to rock out my work out!!

IMG_3374 IMG_3375

Business in the front and party in the back with the peek-a-boo slit on the shirt! I absolutely love it!!

If you would like to get some fun fashions like this to workout in just head over to and use my promo code GINGER15 to receive 15% off. If you order anything, let me know by using hashtag #minimewannabe!

DIY Shopping Bags and Other Earth Day Festivities

Happy Earth Day everyone! Or as some say, Happy Hug-A-Tree Day!!! This year I did all of my Earth Day celebrations at work which was WONDERFUL! We had a huge Earth Day fair and lots of festivities! There were booths set up with free goodies and information on how we can make our planet a better place!

They gave out cute little Earth Day buttons….

..and had these adorable Earth Day plant pots.

They even taught us a clever way to reuse toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

One cute idea that I liked was to paint the rolls different colors!

This is all the awesome goodies they were giving away!


They also had a mini farmers market stand out front to purchase fruits and veggies!

They went all out to support and celebrate Earth Day this year! My friend, Krystal, and I went to the festivities with nothing but our phones but left with (new) shopping bags full of merch!

After we got back to “work” we started making our own shopping bags out of some old t-shirts!

It was a fun, simple, and sustainable project that one of our coworkers came up with! In fact, it was so good that I figured I would share it with you! All that you need is an old t-shirt and some scissors! I used one of my old race day shirts from the Warrior Dash that I did a few years ago! A marker and ruler are helpful too but they aren’t necessary.

Cut off the sleeves and neck of your t-shirt.

Then, cut some frilly’s at the bottom. If you are going to mark your line at this part, flip the t-shirt inside out so that you don’t leave any marks.

Tie the frills (front and back) together so that your items will be secured! If you don’t want the frills to show, make sure that your shirt is turned inside-out!

Then, flaunt your awesome new shopping bag and pat yourself on the back for saving some paper and plastic! I also added some ribbon to the handles so that they will be easier to grab and carry (plus I thought it was cute)!

If you make one of these reusable shopping bags, take a picture and share it on Instagram! Be sure to tag me @_minimewannabe_ so that I can see what you created! These bags are so fun and can really get your creative juices flowing! You can paint them, bedazzle them, or leave them plain. Either way, you’re helping the Earth and your community!

Did you participate in any fun Earth Day festivities or projects? Let me know in the comments below!

Yayy for the Bikini Series!!

Hey guys! So last week, I did the Fitness Blender 5 Day Workout Challenge for Busy People! It was one HECK of a workout! You can see how I did on Instagram. It was one of the toughest workout programs I’ve done (after Insanity) and I loved it! It features Daniel and Kelli, two trainers who are quite skilled at kicking my butt into shape! Here are my check in pics :).

The reason that I did the challenge, was in preparation for THE BIKINI SERIES!!!! I am so excited that it is finally here! If you haven’t heard of The Bikini Series head over to Tone It Up and check out what it is all about! I love being a part of the Tone It Up community because everyone is so encouraging! There are always people cheering you on and pushing you to be your best! It is truly the best support system when it comes to getting in shape!

(This awesome collage is straight from the Tone It Up site.)

During The Bikini Series, trainers Karena and Katrina provide us with meal plans and workouts for 8 weeks that will help reach our physical goals.  The recipes are delicious, the workouts are difficult, and the results are fantastic! This is my first time truly dedicating myself to the plan and I can not WAIT to reach all of my goals!

(I’m especially excited about the leggings goal!)

I’ll be checking in with you guys every week on my progress and will let you know how its going! In the meantime, I encourage you to check out BOTH workout programs and let me know what you think!!